Dr Mark speaks at Steel Success Strategies

Dr Mark speaks at Steel Success Strategies

9:00 am Jun 28, New York time, Dr. Mark Ma, Chairman of CIMM Group, at the Marriott Hotel in Times Square, New York, was delivering a speech titled "How can China graphite electrodes continuous turmoil affect the world steel production in the future?",  to more than 700 world steel business owners and representatives attending the Steel Success Strategies XXXIII, a Global Steel Entrepreneur Summit. In his speech, Dr Mark re-emphasized that with the development of world steel industry, EAF steelmaking short-routine will be more and more popular, and Graphite Electrode Is A Kind of Strategic Rare Material. After his his speech the audience reward warm applause and active response.

In an interview with Dr Ma, a journalist asked: "Dr. Ma, your speech is so wonderful, are you from Hong Kong?" The chairman Dr Ma replied humorously: "Yes, I am from Northern Hong Kong (a coastal city in North-east China, once called "Northern Hong Kong" due to its beautiful coastal scene). I am 100% made in Dalian." Dr Ma's humour aroused a big laughter and warm applause.

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