Invitation for Cooperation Meeting

Dear customers,
On March 20-22, 2018, Hong Kong will witness an important event in Metallurgical Industry - 19th Asian Ferroalloys Conference, which is organized by Metall Bulletin.
The main topics of this event include:
    Asian economic outlook and Chinese steel demand
    How are they looking: Carbon and stainless steel production and purchasing 2018?
    Graphite electrodes and the implications on steel demand
    Environmental factors affecting policy within the region
In this conferene, Dr Mark Shujun Ma, the Chairman & CEO of CIMM GROUP will deliver an important speech titled "How can China graphite electrodes continuous turmoil affect the world steel production in the future", and he will share his professional insights concerning Graphite Electrode Market & World Steel Industry in a panel discussion with other guests of the conference. Refer to the following partial agend of the conference:
If you will attend this conference, we would like to invite you to have a meeting with Dr Mark during the conference, to have cooperation talks regarding the following projects:
- Marketing and sales of UHP Graphite Electrodes in global market
- Joint venture in EU to launch a 20,000mt Graphite Electrode production
- Joint construction of the Global EAF Cooperation Internet Platform (GEAFCO)
The itinerary of Dr Mark is as follows:
20-22 Mar, 2018     Kerry Hotel Hong Kong   (Address 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom, Hong Hong)
The 19th Asian Ferroalloys Conference is also held in the Kerry Hotel.
Meeting means Opportunity. We look forward to meeting you in this conference.

Best regards


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