Development Strategy

To achieve the development goals of the company through the following six process:

International Trade, International EPC Project
Domestic Trade, Domestic EPC Project
Manufacturing Process
Logistics Process
High-tech Process
Environmental protection and energy saving process

Expanding and intensifying the international trade and international EPC project.
Driving the construction of backward Integration base through the international EPC project.
Vigorously develop the domestic trade and EPC project.

To establish a number of independent enterprises with our own production capability through the way of equity acquisition and share holding in manufacturing companies and gradually make transition to financialization and industrialization.

To create a first-class logistics enterprise by seizing the new opportunity of the vigorous development in enhancing the harbor capacity and logistics industry of Dalian.

High-tech process- To form an automation engineering based high-tech enterprise.

Environmental protection and energy saving process-To develop the energy saving and environmental protection industry, such as the blast furnace desulfurization, sinter desulfurization, slag processing and slag application etc.

During the "Thirteenth Five Year Plan" period, we will merge and acquire a large number of enterprises to improve CIMM industrial chain and to achieve the target of Dual One Hundred Billion and Dual Ten Billion with the means of financial strategy.

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